Master Lock 1652MD

Product Features:

  • Designed for standard single point horizontal latch lockers with hinges on the right
  • Springbolt action for convenient, automatic locking
  • Extra-long bolt fully engages locking plate
  • Metal dial provides increased strength and security
  • Secure, easy to dial 3-digit combination
  • Longer useful life with 5 different pre-set combinations; easily changed to maintain security
  • End user registration and control charts provided to secure and simplify administration
  • Customize with optional color metal dials. Choose from Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Black. See Catalog for details.

Meet the Master Lock 1652MD, the top choice for school lockers. In schools, keeping things safe is super important. This lock makes sure students don’t have to worry about their stuff.

Made for lockers that have the door hinge on the right side, this lock is easy to use and very reliable. It locks by itself as soon as you close the locker door. So, you can be sure your things are safe.

The best part? The Master Lock 1652MD has a simple 3-number code. No more lost keys or hard-to-remember codes. And if you ever want to change the code, it’s easy to do. The lock comes with five different codes you can set.

But there’s more! This lock isn’t just about keeping things safe. It’s also about looking good. You can pick from different colors like Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Black. So, every student can have a lock that matches their style.

For school staff, this lock makes things easy too. It comes with a list and charts to help keep track of which lock belongs to which student.

In short, the Master Lock 1652MD is the perfect lock for schools. It’s safe, looks good, and is easy to use. If you want the best for your school, this is the lock to get.


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