Master Lock 1652

Product Features:

  • Designed for standard single point horizontal latch lockers with hinges on the right
  • Springbolt action for convenient, automatic locking
  • Extra-long bolt fully engages locking plate
  • Secure, easy to dial 3-digit combination
  • Longer useful life with 5 different pre-set combinations; easily changed to maintain security
  • End user registration and control charts provided to secure and simplify administration
  • Customize with optional color metal dials. Choose from Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Black. See Catalog for details.
  • Use Model 1676MKADA for ADA Applications

Discover the Master Lock 1652, the benchmark in school locker security. In the bustling hallways of educational institutions, the safety of personal belongings is paramount. The Master Lock 1652 ensures that students can focus on their studies without worrying about the security of their possessions.

Specifically designed for standard single point horizontal latch lockers with right-side hinges, this lock is a beacon of precision and reliability. Its springbolt action offers the convenience of automatic locking, ensuring that once the locker door is closed, everything inside is safe and sound.

The Master Lock 1652 boasts a secure and easy-to-dial 3-digit combination, eliminating the common hassles of lost keys or forgotten combinations. And for those who value longevity, this lock promises a longer useful life with its five different pre-set combinations. These combinations can be effortlessly changed, ensuring that security remains top-tier at all times.

But the Master Lock 1652 isn’t just about functionality; it’s also about personalization. With optional color metal dials available, students can select from a palette of vibrant shades, including Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Black. It’s a harmonious blend of style and security, allowing students to express their individuality while ensuring their belongings remain protected.

For school administrators, the Master Lock 1652 simplifies the locker management process. With end-user registration and control charts, locker administration becomes a streamlined and efficient task. And for those seeking ADA-compliant solutions, the Model 1676MKADA is the perfect choice.

In conclusion, the Master Lock 1652 is more than just a locker lock. It’s a commitment to safety, style, and simplicity. For schools that prioritize the best in locker security, this lock is the definitive choice.


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