With over 40 years in the business, Fleetwood Student Sales is a leading Master Lock distributor. Our full line of combination locks offer an affordable solution to all your school’s lock needs.

Painless Master Lock™ program for schools. When looking for a locker lock solution for your school or district you want to deal with the master in lock solutions. Fleetwood Student Sales has been delivering locks, from the finest lock brands in the world for more than thirty years. Fleetwood is the largest Master Lock distributer east of the Mississippi because we offer simple, straight-forward solutions for your student lock needs.

We guarantee our locks. If you ever have a problem with a lock we’ll replace it, fast. We carry a broad inventory of Master Locks. If we have your lock in inventory we will turn the replacement lock around in one day. If the lock needs to be ordered from the manufacturer we put that order in their hands the day we receive your return.

Reorders are easy. Once we have done business with you the first time, we remember you and make it easy for you to reorder or to order anew for the next school year. Over 60 percent of our customers have done business with us for more than five years because we know what we are doing and how to make our customers happy.

Take the hassle out of lock buying. It doesn’t matter where you live or how big you program is Fleetwood will master your lock buying needs for good.

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