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School Lock Supply: Your Trusted Source for Master Lock School Locker Locks

With over 40 years in the business, Fleetwood Student Sales, the driving force behind School Lock Supply, has established itself as a leading distributor of Master Lock Specialty Locks. Our comprehensive range of school locker locks and combination locks offers an affordable and secure solution to all your school’s lock needs.

Master Lock™ Program: A Hassle-Free Solution for Schools

When it comes to finding a school locker lock solution for your school or district, you want to deal with the experts in lock solutions. For more than three decades, Fleetwood Student Sales has been delivering high-quality locker locks, including padlocks and security locks, from Master Lock Specialty Locks. Our straightforward and effective solutions for student lock needs have made us the largest Master Lock distributor in the U.S.

Our Guarantee: Reliable Locks for Lockers

We stand by the quality of our locks. If you ever encounter a problem with a lock, we’ll replace it swiftly. Our broad inventory of Master Lock Specialty Locks, including combination locks for lockers, ensures that we can quickly turn around a replacement lock. If the lock needs to be ordered from the manufacturer, we ensure that the order is placed the same day we receive your return.

This commitment to customer satisfaction and our extensive selection of school locker locks, including combination locks and padlocks, makes us a trusted choice for schools across the country.

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