Master Lock’s 5 Best School Locker Locks: A Comparative Review

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In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of school locker security, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right lock. We take a close look at the leading brand in locker security, Master Lock, and review five of their top-rated locker locks available on School Lock Supply. Each product review includes a description, features, pros and cons, as well as ideal use cases. We’ll also provide a comparative analysis and discuss how School Lock Supply contributes to enhancing locker security in schools.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Choosing the Right Locker Lock
  3. Overview of the 5 Best Master Lock School Locker Locks
  4. In-Depth Review of Each Lock
    • Master Lock 1670
    • Master Lock 1695MKADA
    • Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled
    • American Lock A400K
    • Master Lock 1525
  5. Comparative Analysis
  6. The Role of School Lock Supply in Providing Quality Locker Security
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

School safety is a paramount concern that encompasses various aspects, one of which is locker security. Students store textbooks, personal items, electronics, and sometimes, highly valuable items in their lockers. Therefore, it is essential to have a lock that offers high-level security. The lock should also be user-friendly, considering that students – particularly younger ones – will be the primary users. This is where Master Lock, a leading brand in locker security, shines.

Master Lock has been providing high-quality, reliable locker locks for schools around the world for many years. Their wide range of lock products ensures there is a perfect lock for every locker and every student’s needs. Today, we are going to focus on Master Lock’s best school locker locks, offering you an in-depth comparative review.

This review is particularly useful if you are part of our target audience – people searching for the “best school locker locks,” specifically “master lock locker locks” for schools. Our goal is to help you navigate the sea of “locks for school lockers” and pinpoint the right product for your specific requirements.

As a trusted distributor of Master Lock products, School Lock Supply believes in the quality and reliability that each Master Lock brings to school locker security. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision about locker security at your school.

Stay tuned as we delve into the detailed reviews of Master Lock 1670, Master Lock 1695MKADA, Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled, American Lock A400K, and Master Lock 1525.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Locker Lock

Choosing the right Master Lock for school lockers

When it comes to ensuring the security of school lockers, it’s vital to choose the right lock. This is not a decision to be made lightly or based on cost alone. The lock on a school locker not only safeguards a student’s valuable belongings but also offers peace of mind. A reliable locker lock is, therefore, an integral part of a safe and secure school environment.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a locker lock.

  1. Durability: School locker locks are used multiple times daily, meaning they must be robust and long-lasting. High-quality locks like those offered by Master Lock are designed to withstand heavy use and resist damage.

  2. Security: A lock’s primary function is to secure belongings, so the lock must be challenging to pick or break. The best school locker locks have intricate combinations or advanced key systems that deter theft.

  3. Ease of Use: Particularly in a school setting, locker locks should be user-friendly. Complicated locks can cause students to be late for classes and create unnecessary stress.

  4. Adaptability: The lock should be adaptable to various locker types and sizes, ensuring a secure fit no matter the locker’s design.

  5. Price: While price shouldn’t be the determining factor, it’s essential to find a lock that offers the best value for money. The lock should be affordable without compromising on quality and reliability.

Choosing the right locker lock can seem overwhelming, but School Lock Supply simplifies this task. As a trusted provider of Master Lock products, we are dedicated to offering only the highest-quality locker locks that check all the boxes mentioned above.

When you choose School Lock Supply, you are choosing quality, reliability, and most importantly, peace of mind for students, parents, and school administrators. Let’s now explore some of the top choices in Master Lock locker locks and how they hold up to these criteria.

Overview of the 5 Best Master Lock School Locker Locks

Every student has unique needs and preferences, and it’s no different when it comes to locker security. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the five best Master Lock locker locks available at School Lock Supply. Each of these locks has been carefully chosen for their unmatched quality, superior design, and exceptional security features.

  1. Master Lock 1670: This lock boasts a robust design that is built to last and is particularly loved for its durability.

  2. Master Lock 1695MKADA: With its ADA Compliant key control feature, this lock is easy to use and highly secure.

  3. Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled: This lock is renowned for its key control feature that allows easy access by school administrators when required.

  4. American Lock A400K: A subsidiary of Master Lock, the American Lock A400K is highly durable and provides excellent security.

  5. Master Lock 1525: This is a classic lock that combines ease of use and robust security, making it a favorite among many students.

Let’s delve deeper into each of these locks to understand why they have made it to our list of the top 5 best school locker locks by Master Lock.

In-Depth Review of Each Lock

Master Lock 1670

The Master Lock 1670 is a built-in combination lock that’s designed for maximum security. It offers an easy, three-number dialing with automatic scrambling to prevent reopening. This lock is known for its durability, as it comes with a double-reinforced stainless steel case and can withstand substantial force.


  • High-security level with automatic scrambling
  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for high-traffic use


  • Can be slightly more complicated for younger students to use
  • More expensive than some other options

Ideal Use Cases:

The Master Lock 1670 is ideal for older students who require a high level of security and are capable of handling its complex combination system. It’s particularly suitable for schools with high traffic due to its durability.

Master Lock 1695MKADA

The Master Lock 1695MKADA is a built-in combination lock designed to meet ADA standards. It features key control for supervisory access and an easy-to-use operation due to its single-hand operation, no-turn knob design.


  • Meets ADA standards
  • Easy to use, especially for students with disabilities
  • Key control feature for supervisory access


  • Not as robust as some other models
  • The key control feature might not be necessary for all school environments

Ideal Use Cases:

This lock is best suited for schools needing to meet ADA standards, as its design is very accommodating for students with disabilities. The key control function also makes it a good choice for environments where supervisors need access to the lockers.

Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled

The Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled lock combines the standard combination access with the convenience of key control. It’s great for situations where administrators need easy access to lockers.


  • Combination access for students
  • Key control for administrators
  • Heavy-duty construction for increased security


  • Requires managing keys along with combinations
  • Slightly more expensive due to added features

Ideal Use Cases:

This lock is perfect for schools where administrators need regular locker access, such as for locker checks or maintenance.

American Lock A400K

The American Lock A400K is a padlock-style lock that is easy to use and install. This lock offers the benefit of key control and the added security of a boron alloy shackle that resists cutting and sawing.


  • Padlock design allows for easy installation and removal
  • Key control for easy administrative access
  • Boron alloy shackle provides increased security


  • Less secure than built-in lock models
  • Not as durable as some other options

Ideal Use Cases:

The American Lock A400K is ideal for schools that need an easily changeable lock option, as its padlock design allows for quick installation and removal.

Master Lock 1525

The Master Lock 1525 is a classic padlock design with a 3-number combination and automatic scrambling feature. It also includes key control for administrative access.


  • Classic, user-friendly design
  • Automatic scrambling for added security
  • Key control for administrative access


  • Not as robust or secure as built-in models
  • Can be challenging for younger students to operate

Ideal Use Cases:

This lock is great for middle and high schools where the balance between security and ease of use is essential. Its classic design is familiar to many users, making it a comfortable choice.

Remember, the most suitable lock depends on the specific needs and circumstances of your school. It’s best to consult with a security specialist at School Lock Supply to make the best choice for your students.

Comparative Analysis

To choose the best school locker lock, it is crucial to compare the options based on key factors such as durability, security, ease of use, and more. In this section, we will provide a comparative analysis of the five Master Lock school locker locks we’ve discussed.

Durability: All five locks offer excellent durability, as they are manufactured by Master Lock, a brand renowned for its high-quality products. However, the Master Lock 1670 stands out due to its robust design and construction that is built to last through heavy daily use.

Security: Each lock has unique security features. For instance, the Master Lock 1695MKADA has an ADA Compliant key control feature, while the Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled offers easy access to school administrators when needed, thus ensuring maximum security.

Ease of Use: When it comes to ease of use, the Master Lock 1525 is a crowd favorite. Its classic combination dial is familiar and straightforward for most students. However, the American Lock A400K also deserves mention, with its strong reputation for being user-friendly.

Additional Features: Some locks offer additional features like key control (Master Lock 1695MKADA and Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled) for extra convenience, especially for school administrators. Moreover, the Master Lock 1670 comes with an automatic scrambling feature that enhances security.

In conclusion, each of these “best school locker locks” excels in specific areas. Your choice should be based on the features that are most important to you or your school. As always, School Lock Supply is here to provide these top-quality Master Lock products to ensure that your personal belongings are safe in your school locker.

The Role of School Lock Supply in Providing Quality Locker Security

School Lock Supply - trusted distributor of Master Lock products

In the world of school security, finding the right partner is critical. That’s where School Lock Supply comes in. They are a trusted distributor of Master Lock products, steadfastly dedicated to ensuring school safety and security.

Having reliable “locks for school lockers” is an absolute necessity to protect students’ personal items and provide peace of mind. And this is the mission at the heart of School Lock Supply’s operations. They provide a curated selection of the “best school locker locks” like the ones we’ve discussed, including the Master Lock 1670, Master Lock 1695MKADA, Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled, American Lock A400K, and Master Lock 1525.

Understanding that each school’s needs are different, School Lock Supply offers a variety of “master lock locker locks” to cater to different preferences and requirements. They uphold the principle of quality over quantity by aligning themselves with Master Lock, a brand that is globally recognized for its superior durability, unbeatable security, and ease of use.

In addition to supplying top-quality locker locks, School Lock Supply extends its commitment to school safety and security by providing valuable information to its customers. They offer advice and guidance on choosing the right locker lock based on various factors like ease of use, durability, and security features. They understand that information is the key to making informed choices and, ultimately, enhancing school locker security.

Choosing School Lock Supply means choosing a partner that values safety and quality just as much as you do. It is more than just a supplier—it is a reliable companion in your journey to improve school locker security.


As we have explored throughout this article, the security of school lockers is not a matter to be taken lightly. It is an integral component of school safety and a crucial factor in creating an environment where students can focus on learning without worrying about the security of their personal belongings. The right locker lock can make a substantial difference, providing peace of mind for both students and their parents.

Over the course of our discussion, we have explored five top-tier locker locks offered by Master Lock: the Master Lock 1670, Master Lock 1695MKADA, Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled, American Lock A400K, and Master Lock 1525. Each of these locks comes with its unique strengths and features, catering to various security needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking unmatched durability, superior ease of use, or unparalleled security, these options have you covered.

Our comparative analysis served as a platform to delve deeper into the characteristics of these locks, highlighting the unique benefits they bring to the table. From this review, it’s clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a locker lock. The best choice would depend on specific needs and circumstances.

And, of course, we cannot overlook the critical role of School Lock Supply in this equation. As a trusted distributor of Master Lock products, School Lock Supply is committed to delivering quality locker security options. Their partnership with Master Lock underscores their commitment to promoting safety and security in schools.

Choosing the right locker lock is a crucial step towards enhanced school security. With the top-tier options from Master Lock, and with School Lock Supply as your reliable partner, you can create a secure and worry-free environment for students to thrive.

Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of the importance of locker security in schools and a clear overview of some of the best locker locks available from Master Lock, the next step is in your hands.

Are you ready to prioritize the safety and peace of mind of your students? Then there’s no better time than now to act. Explore School Lock Supply’s extensive collection of high-quality Master Lock products. Whether you’re intrigued by the robust security of the Master Lock 1670, the ADA compliance of the Master Lock 1695MKADA, the control convenience of the Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled, the durability of the American Lock A400K, or the classic reliability of the Master Lock 1525, you’re just a click away from getting these top-tier locker locks.

Remember, when you choose School Lock Supply, you’re not just buying a product – you’re investing in a secure future for your school. They stand by their commitment to providing only the best in locker security, and their impressive selection of Master Lock products is a testament to that.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take a step towards enhanced school security today. Visit School Lock Supply now, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done your part in ensuring your students’ belongings are safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. What makes Master Lock locker locks some of the best for school lockers?

    Master Lock locker locks are renowned for their durability, security, and ease of use. These are crucial factors to consider when looking for the best school locker locks. For example, models like the Master Lock 1670 offer robust security features ideal for school environments.

  2. How does the Master Lock 1695MKADA comply with ADA standards?

    The Master Lock 1695MKADA is designed to be user-friendly, especially for individuals with disabilities. This model complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), offering easy-to-use mechanisms and visual key control for added convenience.

  3. Is there a Master Lock product that provides key control for locker locks?

    Yes, the Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled locker lock offers key control, allowing administrators to access any lock with a master key. This feature is particularly useful in school settings.

  4. What factors should I consider when choosing locks for school lockers?

    Important factors to consider include durability, security, ease of use, key control, and ADA compliance. It’s essential to choose a lock designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of a school environment while providing high security. School Security: How to keep valuables safe at school provides valuable insights on this topic.

  5. Where can I find a range of Master Lock products for school locker security?

    School Lock Supply is a trusted distributor of Master Lock products. They offer a wide range of locker locks, including the Master Lock 1670, Master Lock 1695MKADA, Master Lock 2010 Key Controlled, American Lock A400K, and Master Lock 1525.

  6. What makes American Lock A400K a good choice for school lockers?

    The American Lock A400K is known for its durability and security. Its robust design makes it an excellent choice for school locker security.

  7. Why is locker security so important in schools?

    Locker security is crucial in schools to protect students’ personal belongings and academic materials. A secure locker gives students peace of mind, allowing them to focus more on their studies. Check out 5 Free School Safety Tips you Can Implement Now for more insights.

  8. How can I ensure I’m buying high-quality locker locks?

    Buying from a reputable distributor like School Lock Supply ensures you’re getting high-quality products. They only stock reliable brands like Master Lock, known for their dedication to producing top-tier security solutions.


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